Saturday, December 1, 2007

Anime Directory A Dream For Anime Fans

Have you ever tried to find something anime on the interwebs? Has it lead you down a horrible path of evil hentai and advertisements cluttering up everything that exists? If so, you are not alone.

A new anime directory has finally been established to give anime fans a quick way to the things they want. The Anime Directory links to websites about cosplay, any anime show, anime conventions, and other Japanese culture related things. - And they're looking for submissions.

The site has an easy to fill out website submission form for any webmaster or fan to submit their favorite sites - and it uses a really neat captcha (called Ryapcha) to keep things spam-free. They also tend to be adding links rather quickly, and they give an explanation of why they won't link to you if they decide not to. A few sites have been denied, for example, for missing pages or terrible terrible navigation.

Anime fans can now rejoice at this new, great resource for accessing all their favorite anime-related information. Did we mention - it's entirely free. Yes, submission is free, listing is free, and there are absolutely no paid services on the site at all. Not too many other web directories can say that these days... in fact, I doubt any can.

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