Thursday, June 4, 2009

Promoting Your Anime Website

It's easier than ever to submit your website to the anime directory! To directly to the directory, fill out the form, and your site will be added in a few short days. The directory is growing, slowly, but is dedicated to only linking to quality, safe, updated websites. We love websites about the Japanese language, Japanese culture, anime and manga how-tos, fanfiction sites, and more, as long as you have quality web content.

Websites that get turned down most are: streaming websites. Most of these websites are just knockoffs of other streaming websites who host their videos on free services and then place dozens of ads on their website to earn profit.

We hope to become a useful, up-to-date directory. Most people search Google to find things, but even they can't keep out all the junk links. We personally review websites before placing them in our free directory, ensuring that you only see the best links.

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